Partnerships in China

Partnerships in China

ExxonMobil and China are jointly pursuing opportunities to advance China's transition to a cleaner energy future.

A major projects signing ceremony at the International Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprises Conference included ExxonMobil's LNG agreement with Zhejiang Energy, the Chinese company's first long-term supply deal for LNG in China.

Milestone agreements set the stage for deliveries of ExxonMobil LNG to help China meet fast-growing demand for natural gas, the fuel of choice to improve air quality and complement renewables.

In September 2018, ExxonMobil and Guangdong Provincial People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement for a proposed world-scale chemical complex and gas supply to the proposed Huizhou LNG terminal in southern China. In October 2018, ExxonMobil signed a heads of agreement to supply Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group with 1 million metric tons per year of LNG for 20 years, starting in the early 2020s.

Peter Clarke examined the gas industry landscape in his keynote speech at the 2018 International Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprises Conference in Zhoushan, China. Gas & Power Marketing President Peter Clarke emphasized ExxonMobil's decades of commitment to China's energy industry in his remarks at the 2nd International Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprises Conference in Zhoushan.“We look forward to deepening our valued partnerships with leading market players and facilitating China's strong transition toward a clean and sustainable energy future,”he said.

Asia Pacific LNG Manager Frank Kretschmer says,“Given the outlook for strong LNG demand in China, we're excited to help meet the dynamism of the market with a robust and flexible portfolio, creative commercial offers, innovative technology and an absolute commitment to deep, mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Gas & Power Marketing welcomed China National Energy Administration officials to the Houston campus in September to cultivate relationships and discuss China's LNG needs.