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“It was an honor and a privilege to be a judge for the 2023 Power Play Awards. It’s exciting to see the level of talent we have across the industry and the bright future ahead of us. I have been involved in diversity initiatives that have resulted in positive outcomes for businesses for many years, however, the Power Play Awards elevate the conversation and platform beyond a company level to a broader industry collective - and that’s powerful.”

- Sarah Bairstow, 2023 Judge

“It has been an honour to participate in the Power Play awards as a judge. I am impressed with the amount of female talent working in all areas and levels of the LNG business. Having an arena to recognise and celebrate all our female talent is crucial and the Power Play awards is an excellent way for peers, mentors and leaders in the industry to offer this recognition.”

- Marianne Eide, 2023 Judge

“The LNG community is a small exceptional group.  I was honored to be nominated for the 2023 Power Play Pioneer Award.  It is a privilege to be recognized by peers of this caliber. The awards are important in highlighting the talent and skills needed in this dynamic industry. I thank ExxonMobil for their leadership in this event, my colleagues that assured our success and the wisdom from God.”

- Patricia Outtrim, 2023 Pioneer Finalist

“Throughout my professional career, I have worked for excellence in everything from project management to client relations in a male-dominated business. The ExxonMobil Power Play Awards provides a platform for women to demonstrate how we can make a difference in the industry.”

- Pamela Baldwin, 2023 Pioneer Finalist

"It is a simple terminology, a diverse representation (of thoughts, race, gender, culture, age, and demography) leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes. It is one of the significant precursors for any business/industry to leverage its status as “as most trusted” to drive change, mitigate risk, create transformative partnerships, support global growth and sustained value creation. And Power Play awards is one such initiative that provides a platform to strengthen and celebrate diversity at all levels. I have worked at various leadership roles within LNG/Gas Segment and engaged tremendously in several energy transition and D&I initiatives. I believe Power Play Awards has been by far one of the most significant initiatives I have come across that promotes recognition and celebration of Women leaders in the least gender diverse LNG and Gas Segment. It is an honor to be chosen as a winner under “Ambassador Category” of Power Play Awards for 2023 and stand amongst the distinguished group pf leaders. This is the only category of Power Play open for both male and female leaders. It spotlights Global leadership style that builds bridges, fosters productive relationships, finds solutions and drives the diversity and inclusion initiative forward as a responsible Global Citizen.”

- Rakhi Oli, 2023 Ambassador Winner

“It was a great pleasure to be part of the jury for the selection of individuals from different parts of the world and with high experience in the LNG industry. It was a great experience for me and at the same time difficult, because having to select the best candidate to fit the “The Ambassador Category” among several with excellent qualities and vast experience in this industry. I was equally honoured to have been invited to be part of the jury of this prestigious event among many individuals with high experience. I am flattered, as it is also the recognition of my contribution and work in this industry and in a country that has recently started its first LNG production. For me, the Power Play Awards is an exceptional event where women from various parts of the world share their experience and are equally recognized for the merits of their work in this vast LNG industry and would be more than happy to continue promoting great Women in the LNG and thank you Power Play for this opportunity!"

- Célia Correia, 2022 Judge


“The Powerplay Awards is a great platform to shine a light to professionals around the world. For me it was an honor to be part of the Finalists for the 2022 Rising Star category. It’s a great opportunity to show inclusion among different professionals globally.”

- Eugenia Langa, 2022 Rising Star Finalist

“Without being invited as a judge for the Rising Star of the Power Play Awards, I would have never acknowledged how many young, talented female people devoted themselves in the LNG business. I am inspired by their good spirits. A great journey to learn through evaluating all the recommendations of the rising star candidates. Thank you ExxonMobil for providing such platform for the energy industry to discover the young fellows with potential.”

- Jane Liao, 2022 Judge

“Power Play creates a platform that allows people from across the industry to work together, share best practices to continually look for new ways to enrich inclusive culture in our industry.”

- Yaoyu Zhang, 2022 Ambassador Finalist


“It was truly an honor to be selected as a Finalist in the Pioneer category of the 2021 Power Play Awards and to be recognized amongst a group of such remarkable and accomplished women from around the world. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Power Play Awards for organizing such a vital, significant and relevant initiative that draws attention to and actively promotes the continued need for diversity and inclusion across the LNG value chain. Given that the LNG and gas sector remains, to this day, one of the least gender diverse sectors in the economy, initiatives such as this become all the more important in driving and spearheading the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the LNG industry.”

- Anan Abdullatif, 2022 & 2021 Pioneer Finalist

“I was humbled and honored to participate in this excellent awards process. The breadth and depth of experience showcased through the process is truly impressive. Beyond recognition of amazing accomplishments, it creates a very powerful global networking platform for the future. I look forward to supporting this process in any way I can in the future.”

- Hilary Ware, 2021 Conqueror Winner

“Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe this! Thank you so much! What an incredible honour! Thank you. I am so very proud to have won this award and it means so much; thank you for all your support through the process!”

- Sandra Antonovic, 2022 Judge and 2021 Pioneer Winner

“I am constantly struck by the competitive advantage that businesses fail to grasp, by not realising the huge value of having a truly diverse and inclusive culture. The best businesses, I honestly believe, are those with the values of high diversity, sustainability and safety, delivering the highest returns in the future. I am privileged to work in the EIC, a business that has these strengths, and we have never seen as many opportunities as we do right now. I was honoured to be asked to be a judge at the 2021 Power Play Awards, and anything I can do to promote “Women in LNG” I do gladly and enthusiastically.”

- Stuart Broadley, 2021 Judge

“Many thanks for putting together an exceptional award ceremony. I am honoured to have been named a finalist in the Rising Star Category of the 2021 Power Play Awards alongside exceptional women in the industry. I am super elated to have emerged the winner in this category. Many thanks to the entire Power Play Award team for continuously recognising and promoting women, and men supporting women, in the LNG industry.”

- Tolulope Ijitona, 2022 Judge and 2021 Rising Star Winner

“It has been a fascinating experience [to be a 2021 judge] as I have been extremely inspired by the strengths, faith, resilience and vision of many candidates, and learned so much from them. Thank you [Power Play] for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

- Yao Li, 2021 Judge


“The ExxonMobil Power Play movement has become a key part of our industry, promoting diversity as well as interaction between companies and people.  As a 2020 winner, as well as 2021 judge, I look forward to continuing my participation as I believe the Power Play is an important way to keep our industry progressive and progressing.”

- Jillian Evanko, 2022 & 2021 Judge and 2020 Rainmaker Winner


“I am truly humbled and so honored to be selected as a finalist. This is very exciting for me but moreover an opportunity to shine a light on and inspire all the amazing women in the LNG value chain!”

- Lisa Glatch, 2020 Rainmaker Award Finalist


“...It was a great honor for me as well for being selected as one of the finalists, together with such as inspiring, motivated, talented and bright professionals in the LNG value chain... The Power Play Awards were developed to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of remarkable women and the men who uphold the importance of supporting and empowering them across the LNG value chain. So I do feel the morale booster to serve on that. Well done to all the team of ExxonMobil for this initiative. Sarah Howell, I truly appreciate your role on that initiative by guiding us and for organizing greatly this year’s virtual event and thank you for that.”

- Capt. Iro Gidakou, 2020 Rising Star Award Finalist


“I was truly honored to be selected as the inaugural Vanguard Award winner. It’s an incredibly meaningful recognition from some amazing leaders in the industry. It was humbling to meet the other nominees and finalists and to see this inspirational group of women, working together to create a diverse and inclusive industry.”

- Julie Mayo, 2019 Power Play Award winner, Vanguard


“It is an honor to be amongst the four finalists. First of all, because it’s a world-wide competition so it really, really is an honor, and it also shows that the work that I’ve been doing and the time I’ve been in the industry is actually recognized and valued.”

- Jocelyne Machevo, 2019 Power Play Award winner, Rising Star


“The Power Play Awards aim to recognize the talent, diligence, contribution and importance of Women in the LNG business. It’s a great honour for me to be one of the Vanguard finalists, I feel very encouraged and inspired. Besides the award itself, I would like to extend my appreciation and admiration to ExxonMobil, not only for the excellent organization of the event but also for the kind and genuine people of ExxonMobil. That makes me believe the world will be better.”

- Evelyn Shangxuan Liang, 2019 Power Play Award Finalist


“Being nominated for ExxonMobil’s Power Play Award was quite possibly the most exciting recognition I have ever received. Simply being in the company of such tremendously smart women from around the world was equally as extraordinary for me. The entire experience is one I will never forget. Everyone I got to interact with from ExxonMobil and the program administrators were so positive and made me feel like a rock star. I’m grateful for the experience.”

- Clair Marceaux, 2019 Power Play Award Finalist


“For Rising Stars, I feel it is an encouragement more than anything. There are many decisions we have made in our lives, as women in LNG and as young individuals, making us who we are today. And the Power Play Award is like a clear external voice recognizing what we have done and what we chose to stick to, or at least some part of it. I see more and more women at events in the industry today. Awareness of women in LNG is stronger. I hope it will help us better connect and work together.”

- Wu Wei, 2019 Power Play Award Finalist


“I am incredibly proud to have been chosen as one of the finalists of the first ever Powerplay Awards in the Rising Star category. It was such a great experience that unveiled the growing footprint and influence of women in the Oil & Gas industry and demonstrated the amazing impact we can make when we join forces. The voting process was one of the most exciting moments, as I received unsurmountable support, not only from friends and family, but from respected industry peers and mostly from the Mozambican community in general. For that I will always be grateful. The award ceremony was the culmination of a fantastic journey: Well organized and transparent, industry professionals from across the entire Gas and LNG value chain came together to witness women empowering and recognizing the contribution of other women. This is substantially what Powerplay means to me - a vehicle that showcases women’s great achievements and talents, therefore uplifting and empowering them to continue to break barriers and stereotypes, gradually and sustainably enhancing their crucial involvement in all levels across the value chain and across the world economy. Together WE ARE going far!”

- Loide Chebeia, 2019 Power Play Award Finalist


“Being a finalist in the ExxonMobil LNG Power Play Awards has given me the extra boost of confidence and empowerment to meet challenges. It has also inspired me to do more to contribute to gender diversity and equal opportunities in the industry, for example joining the board of WISTA Norway (Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association) to continue championing our cause.”

- Sarah Soon, 2019 Power Play Award Finalist

'Together we can change the world'

Ibu Yenni, Indonesia Gas Association

'When I'm asked are you doing a women's event at future conferences, she replies... The women's event will be the ExxonMobil Power Play'

Barbara Jinks, LNG18 Executive Director

'I wanted to send an e-mail to congratulate you for championing a women-centered event at the most prestigious LNG conference and to have hosted it in the middle of the action! It was really refreshing.'

Liliana Diaz, Managing Director, FTI Consulting  

'It's great to see we're actually doing something to champion diversity – rather than sitting around talking about it'

Trent Williams, ExxonMobil

'The business contacts made through the event are already proving useful and we have received some excellent industry feedback. Looking forward to the next one!'

Tracy Lothian, ExxonMobil

'The Power Play is an excellent initiative and it is my pleasure and also responsibility to participate. I am strong believer that gender equity and equality is not just the right thing to do but a source of competitive strength.'

Nikos Kefalas, China LNG Shipping (Int'l) Co. Ltd.