A win for inclusion and diversity!

ExxonMobil LNG is proud to announce three wins across the Petroleum Economist 2020 industry awards program.

Congratulations go to Tracy Lothian for coming first in the ‘Energy leader of the year’ category; Sarah Howell for coming first in the ‘Marketing communications strategist of the year’ category; and Power Play for winning the award for ‘Contribution of the year to industry diversity.’

“Inclusion and diversity is at the core of ExxonMobil’s LNG operations,” commented Alex Volkov, ExxonMobil Global LNG Marketing Vice President. “Our business is built on great relationships with customers and demonstrating leadership in our industry. Both Tracy and Sarah exemplify our commitment to this. It is also a great recognition for the Power Play initiative which touches many people around the world.”

“It’s been a very tough year for many of us and next year will continue to be challenging” said Tracy Lothian, ExxonMobil Rovuma LNG marketing senior vice president. “During this time, it is more important than ever to support each other. Power Play responded in 2020 with five successful virtual events. This response was possible as a result of the platform developed over the last five years through 17 worldwide events.”

To learn more about Power Play, join the Power Play LinkedIn network group and look out for more virtual networking events next year.

“I’m particularly proud of Power Play’s award, as it recognizes the participants’, judges’ and award winners’ efforts over the last few years,” said Sarah Howell, ExxonMobil LNG marketing communications manager.“ This program walks the walk to make a difference for inclusion and diversity in our industry. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to cast a vote.”

About the Power Play

Power Play was setup by Tracy and Sarah to connect women and men from across the LNG value chain that support a more diverse and inclusive energy future, with a vision that greater collaboration leads to increased partnerships, innovation and business results. The industry today is moving in new, challenging and exciting directions – understanding the interconnectivities in the value chain and seeking out new solutions and ways to work together is more important than ever!

The Power Play Awards were launched two years ago, to recognize and showcase remarkable achievements. Through this program Power Play has gained many more champions and supporters, and demonstrated what is possible in our remarkable industry today. The online voting for this year’s finalist received over 90,000 votes and participation from 37 countries and 185 companies!

Power Play has been running for five years. Its success and growth is because of those who have taken part during that time. Power Play has changed the women’s agenda at LNG conferences from one of challenges and glass ceilings to one of delivery and celebrating achievement.

During the pandemic, the Power Play pivoted to a virtual event with five events held during the course of 2020.

To learn more about Power Play visit Power Play Awards.

To join the Power Play LinkedIn network visit this link.