Power Play and LNG TV join forces

Power Play and LNG TV join forces

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ExxonMobil is proud to announce its sponsorship of LNG TV’s new series focusing on inclusion and diversity across the industry.

The series builds upon ExxonMobil’s Power Play program and features in depth interviews with some of the remarkable women and men who make up the Power Play network and who are championing progress in this area.

The first episode features one of the very first award winners, Julie Mayo, who was the recipient of the Vanguard award in 2019. Julie has been a keen supporter of the Power Play and is an inclusion and diversity champion. In this first episode Julie talks about her career path and how diversity is a critical part of business strategy.

Watch the teaser below and tune in to Episode 1 now! 

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The 2021 Power Play awards will be launched in April, be ready to think about who you’d like to nominate and take a look at last year’s program here!