Power Play webinar

Power Play webinar

Creating more value for your company and your business through networking

For our webinar topic today we invited a group of last year’s LNG Power Play finalists to discuss their careers in the LNG business and to talk about the importance of creating strong networks to help deliver value to their companies and the overall LNG value chain.


  • Clair Marceaux, Cameron Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District. Finalist ‘vanguard’ award.
  • Evelyn Liang Shangxuan, GM of Supply and Transportation Dept., Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co. Ltd. Finalist ‘vanguard’ award.
  • Sarah Bairstow, Chief Commercial Officer, Mexican Pacific Ltd. Finalist ‘rainmaker’ award.
  • Sarah Soon, Project Manager, BW LNG. Finalist ‘rising star’ award.

Make sure you submit your nominations for this year's LNG Power Play Awards before June 19 – click here to learn more and nominate a woman or man who you think has made a difference and brought some Positive energy to the LNG industry.

Experience the positive energy they shared during this webinar by viewing the recording below.

This recording is part of the Gastech Insights webinar series. Learn more about upcoming discussions.