Tips for Nominations

As you consider your submission for the 2024 Power Play Awards, below are some of the top tips in crafting a compelling award submission:

Engage the judges by telling a compelling story about your nominee’s achievements. Highlight challenges they’ve overcome, innovative approaches they've taken, and the impact of their work.

Provide specific, measurable results where possible to demonstrate the impact of your nominee’s work. Use real-life examples, metrics, and testimonials to quantify achievements and show tangible outcomes.

Showcase any unique or innovative aspects of your nominee’s work that sets them apart from others. Explain how their creativity, problem-solving or approach has led to successful outcomes or groundbreaking solutions.
Emphasize the significance of contributions and the positive outcomes they've generated. Clearly articulate the benefits to the nominee’s organization, industry, clients, or community.

Take the time to proofread your submission carefully and eliminate any errors or inconsistencies. A polished, error-free submission demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

Showcase the nominee’s leadership skills, teamwork and ability to collaborate effectively. Highlight instances where they've inspired others, led successful projects, or fostered a culture of cooperation and inclusion.

Don't wait until the last minute to submit your entry. Give yourself plenty of time to review and refine your submission before the deadline.

Thank you for your participation as we celebrate individuals who ignite a culture of support, encouragement and empowerment for women in the LNG and decarbonization industries. Happy Nominating!